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Maybe you have reached the point where you feel like you need some help or support in a situation that seems hopeless to you. And maybe you see psychotherapy as a way of getting out of that kind of a situation. 

There are many situations that may seem like that - break up or a divorce, relationship troubles, family troubles, problems at work, crisis, life turning points, depressions, anxiety, low self-esteem, communication problems, feeling lost at your life's direction or for example a need of self-growth.  

Anybody can get to a situation like that. Psychotherapy can be helpful with the process of finding answers for questions you might have. Psychotherapy can influence the way a person feels, it can change person's inner life, his behavior. Psychotherapy works mainly through a conversation between the therapist and the client or clients.  

We can offer a discretion and secrecy, we honor ethical psychotherapeutical principles.

If you have decided to enter psychotherapy, we would like to offer our help and services in achieving your goals, that we can lay out together. We hope you will find your way to help that you might feel you need.  


Mgr. Tereza Pelletier


+420 604 791 553

Meetings up to a call

Braunerova 514/1

Prague 8

If you have any questions according to our services, you can contacts us through this form.  

Braunerova 514/1, Pha 8

How to get to our practice:

from metro station Kobylisy or Palmovka: use tram no. 3,10,24 to a tram stop U Kříže (tram stops right in front of the building of our practice)

by car to the address Braunerova 514/1, you can usually park in the nearby streets, currently for free